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groups | Optimum Business Solutions

We are able to find money for the following groups

Small And Medium Sized Businesses

Tap into a unique array of federal, state, local, and private subsidies and programs to pay for

  • Powerful found money solutions for companies with 2-500 employees
  • Hiring new employees (even seasonally)
  • On-boarding new employees
  • Training employees (CA only)
  • Engaging employees
  • Increasing employee pay up to $1500/year without a net cost to your company
  • Retaining employees
  • Expanding employee benefits and preferred partner services
  • Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans
  • Corporate charitable giving & sponsorships at no net cost to the company
  • Promoting innovation and reducing start-up costs
  • Reducing operating expenses (without changes to operations)
  • Facility/property taxes and expenses
  • Increasing the value of the business for future sale
  • Increasing net profit on business sale


Powerful resources for startups


  • Access state and federal subsidies to reduce your startup expenses
  • Leverage non-diluting government funding and the government’s resources and market for your business development
  • Grow rapidly and boost your speed to market through joint ventures and partnerships
  • Grow smartly with effective strategic planning and talent staffing
  • Tap into angel and VC networks for early, mid, and late stage startups
  • Access advisors who can help point the way towards success

Nonprofits, Charities, And Schools

Powerful fundraising strategies and services


  • One-time infusion of capital into your organization
  • Ongoing passive and sustainable sources of capital
  • Strategies for leveraging or replacing your current fundraising efforts
  • Strategies and technology for activating your member and donor base
  • Move beyond soliciting donations

Individuals And Families


Powerful strategies and resources


  • Reduce the cost of college
  • Reduce your student loan interest rates
  • Accelerate and Increase your retirement nest egg safely and securely
  • Reduce your family liability and risk of lawsuits
  • Reduce your income taxes
  • Reduce capital gains taxes on residence, business, asset sales (without a 1031 exchange)
  • Specialized retirement programs for business owners

Let's Work Together!