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Optimum Business Solutions |

CPA Team Based Model Consulting

We help Business Owners and Investors significantly increase

their bottom lines by reducing unnecessary taxes,

expenses, risks, and liabilities.

We consult with Small Businesses to tap into free money,

multiply it, and increase company value.

Capital Source Infusion

About Us

Optimum Business Solutions uses a team based model to consult with businesses. We leverage our unique and extensive nationwide team of experts to help our small and medium sized business clients grow by finding hidden sources of money.

Our Process

We analyze which programs and services will make the biggest and fastest impact on their business. And then we work with owners and executives to procure those program and service benefits.

Your Business Development Partner

Founder and CEO

CPA Team Based Model Consultant


Founder and CEO Daniel Herzberg is a business growth strategist, investor and advisor in startups, and successful entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 25 years. Creator of Capital Source Infusion, Daniel and his team have helped hundreds of companies access over $700 million dollars to date.

He is committed to helping American businesses thrive in today’s competitive global economy, to allow owners and employees to achieve greater productivity, freedom, and the freedom to contribute back to helping others.

Daniel Herzberg is a San Francisco native and an alum of Harvard, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan.

We find money for the following groups

Small And Medium Sized Businesses

Tap into a unique array of federal, state, local, and private subsidies and programs.


Powerful resources for startups

Individuals And Families

Powerful strategies and resources

Nonprofits, Charities, And Schools

Powerful fundraising strategies and services

How will your business use its capital source infusion?

Every business is different. Your business may invest in generating more sales, your people, you operations, or even just extra profit this year.

Capital Source Infusion is a done for you program

It allows you to access a unique array of sources of essentially “found money” that do not need to be paid back.

With our powerful resources and partner network we can help

Grow the value of the people and talent in your organization and boost your sales with optimized marketing systems and sales closers

Our programs are NOT

  • Credit cards
  • Bank loans
  • Laborious grant processes
  • An educational program that leaves you with more work on your plate


Send us a Message

25A Crescent Drive #141, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


(925) 219-8516